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Specialty Recycling

Our specialty recycling division includes mobile shingle grinding, mobile materials screening and surplus/proprietary destruction. Contact us today for a quote at 336-707-3783 or

Mobile Shingle Recycling

A-1 Service Group recycles over 150,000 tons of asphalt shingles per year. These shingles are processed and utilized by asphalt producers in their mixes as an alternative for asphalt content. We have provided North Carolina and the surrounding states with mobile asphalt shingle grinding since 2012. Our production process includes screening the material to provide a cleaner, more consistent finished product. No matter the size of the project, each crew is outfitted with the necessary equipment to provide a turn-key service.

Special Waste Handling / Proprietary Destruction

We provide custom proposals for customers in need of destroying proprietary equipment, and surplus or expired inventory. Offering these services helps our customers attain financial value of their property equipment or future product market value. We customize the process to each customers individual needs and can provide loading, transportation, offloading, destruction and disposal. Our process includes providing a certificaite of destruction and a detailed chain of custody.

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